Computer dating its like pimping

Most bisexual chicks are really just freaks who like to get their coochies pleasured; and it usually doesn’t matter who’s doing the pleasuring.Not saying I won’t hit it; but I damn sure won’t commit to it! She has a ton of male ‘friends’ Another deal breaker.Bi-sexual women in my opinion are non-comitters; meaning they aren’t the type who will commit to you.They can’t even commit to one choice of sexual preference!She’s not sure who her baby-daddy is Maury Povich has brought to light the sheer masses of freaks out there, ready to pin an unwanted pregnancy on any dude stupid enough to run up inside one raw. They’re just restricted to only having sex with the other gang members. All her brothers are pimps If her whole family is involved in ‘the life’, there’s a good chance that she is too.You’re not only what you eat; you’re also what you see and sleep. She used to be a cheerleader for a professional sports team We call this the sports groupie. The average cheerleader makes less than someone working at Taco Bell.Her only career has been modeling How many times has she fell for the line: “Wow, you’re beautiful. She got with you, even though she knew you were married at the time And now you want to wife her up? She’s the church pastor’s ‘special’ assistant, and travels with him everywhere he goes I hate to say it, but this is what we call the church groupie.What: you didn’t think the church would have their own set of special groupies too? Not everyone who says unto me ‘lord, lord’ shall enter into my Kingdom…*the words of Jesus* 34.

Don’t think that females won’t cover for each other like men do. The closer the friendship the more likely they will cover for one another. By the time a woman reaches a certain age, usually her mid 20’s, she should be tired of the club and bar scene. And if she’s not, your ‘Spidey senses’ should start going off. She knows every guy in the club or bar Again: what makes her so popular with the guys? When she takes you to meet her people, they give you a funny, ‘knowing’ look; or you hear them make comments like “I’m glad she’s finally settling down! She stands up in church and testifies that she used to be a ho Not saying that a person can’t change their life, but you have to exercise some wisdom.That means that by the time she’s in her early 20’s, she’s probably banged more guys than your average porn star. Again: if you don’t value your snatch, why on earth should I?It’s a sad outcome to a tragic event, but one that you should take into consideration before you choose to jump the broom . Multiple sex partners denotes a lack of value for your own body. She has home girls who are ho’s (Birds of a feather flock together! Her porn collection is bigger than yours A woman who’s addicted to porn is bound to live out her sexual fantasies. And some poor simp will come along and try to cupcake with her, in the hopes of getting all the free sex he wants. she has a two-pronged dildo: one slides into the cooch, the other slides up you know where at the same time c. She knows a lot of dudes in the entertainment industry They have another word for women like this: groupies.Once a crackhead, the potential for ‘cracking up’ is always still there. The same goes for alcoholics who will occasionally fall off the wagon and slip back into addiction. Ex-hoes are some of the slickest type of females to deal with.

They can be charming to perfection, but secretly conniving against you. Better to leave the ex-hoes for the Lord and the ex-pimps to deal with… She admits that she used to be wild in her teens and twenties She’s basically letting you know that she used to be a slut in her younger years.

And if all you see and sleep is pimping and hoe’ing, day in and day out…pimping and or hoe’ing is down in you. And here’s a clue to which one your girl most likely is: there aren’t many female pimps out there…but there’s an abundance of female hoes! So if there’s no money in it, why do so many females do it? They get to shake their money makers and pom-poms in front of multi millionaires for every game.