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“When I think of the cost of book club, there are a good amount of people in my life who probably wouldn’t be able to participate,” says Garrett.“Between buying books, getting drinks afterward, and having a space to host — it all adds up.” If the whole thing sounds elitist, well, it is.Garrett notes that were it not for book club, he wouldn’t have become interested in someone who challenged him. It drove me to talk to him afterward, and then that evolved into something else.” It’s a hoary fictional trope that love springs from hate — Elizabeth and Darcy, Han Solo and Princess Leia, Sam and Diane — but a cliché only describes a repeating pattern.

To dissect a novel (the tragedy of ) is to peek into someone’s interior life ten minutes into meeting them.“Let’s say you’re at a bar,” says Erik, a 30-year-old editor who’s in my book club, “you’re meeting people and just going by looks.But at book club, your intelligence and intellect are on display.A fiery gay-book-club conversation, then, can act as emotional fluffer, pitting its members against each other and priming them for ecstatic, headboard-rattling makeup sex.

Disagreement can actually be a welcome upside because, just by nature of how these clubs are formed (friends who invite friends who invite friends), their members tend to be very much alike.

They overshare, or get vulnerable, or play devil’s advocate.

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