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Movies and TV shows often portray mental illness with stereotypes.These stereotypes shape our perception of mental illness to some extent or in some cases, completely. The signs and symptoms of mental illness can be subtle and hard to pinpoint.The first time this happens you may feel the urge to walk away, but weathering this storm is the often the hardest step, because it is a sign of one of the things a person with bipolar needs most - reassurance.If you are able to reassure them that your feelings for them are deep enough to last throughout what is a temporary episode, you will both be stronger for it.David Oliver is the nation's leading experts on helping and supporting a loved one with bipolar disorder.

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They are charming and you get flowers and romantic gestures.Base your decision on whether you have anything in common or not.Base your decision on whether they have a sense of humor or not.Since being bipolar means more emotional highs and lows, the potential for melt-downs and explosions is greater when dating than in a 'normal' situation.

Bipolar is a disease of being emotionally 'off balance' much of the time, and many times in a romance people feel the same way, especially during the early stages.

They sometimes display overconfidence in their abilities as well.