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Award-winning spa offers the only Rhassoul bath in the city and special spa cuisine.The central Sathorn pier/BTS Saphan Taksin is 10 minutes away by boat.Nearby riverside attractions include Asiatique, River City Shopping center, Grand Palace, the Flower market, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun.Elegant luxury hotel featuring a classic blend of Thai and contemporary design.Emmanuelle If your looking for a Best Happy Endings Massage in Bangkok experience then the one place I suggest is Emmanuelle!There is now Casanova at the same place which is Thai style karaoke and coyote joint something I enjoy more than the actual massage, rooms here are awesome! Colonze 4This is a very popular chain soapy house you won't find any penthouse models at this bad boy but it does have good value for money and the girls are very capable, not looking for 5 star then this is the place to go!Meree The girls here are cheap but the room isn't included you can ask for different rooms girls are 1300-200 baht but rooms start at 1000 baht but are definitely worth it, weired lounge area with band playing kinda like karaoke but it isn't, still great place and some really good looking girls.Catherine Nice clean place this soapy massage parlor has a good reputation in the Thai community well run and fair prices starting from 1700 up to 3000 baht for sideline girls.

But I will say this the girls here are young and good looking for the price.ลีลาวดีYou won't find this bad boy on any other Farang website actually this place has the same name as my favourite Karaoke in Chiang Mai!I didn't list them all here though because well I doubt there is one person out there that has actually been to them all so I've listed the ones you ought to try, the best soapy massage parlors in Bangkok.One thing about many of the Soapy massages parlors in Bangkok is many of them charge Farang extra and it doesn't matter how you arrive it's just their policy some places adding another 1000 baht to the bill for example one of the most popular soapies in Bangkok Poseidon clearly state on their menu that an additional 1000 baht charge is added making their cheapest girl 3000 baht!In order to view the map and websites you need to log in as VIP.

Colonze 2 Emmanuelle Colonze 4 Angelina La Belle Viva Palace ลีลาวดี Meree Catherine Amsterdam Poseidon Caesars Plaza Nancy Copa Cabana La De'fence Colonze 2Some of the most expensive soapy massage girls in all of Thailand can be found at the Colonze 2 soapy massage parlor in Bangkok with prices going up to 20,000 baht for a few hours!

Why because they have the hottest girls of any place in Bangkok.