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She found women checked email messages very infrequently: for every 1 time a woman checked her email, 13,585 men checked theirs.Only 9,700 of the 5 million female account had ever replied to a message, compared to the 5.9 million men who would do the same.Orlando, who had joined the site to conduct research concerning women who cheat, said he felt users of the site were anxious the release of sexually explicit messages would humiliate their spouses and children.He wrote it is alarming "the mob that is the Internet is more than willing to serve as judge, jury, and executioner" and members of the site "don’t deserve a flogging in the virtual town square with millions of onlookers." Users whose details were leaked are filing a $567 million class-action lawsuit against Avid Dating Life and Avid Media, the owners of Ashley Madison, through Canadian law firms Charney Lawyers and Sutts, Strosberg LLP.The remaining were used only one time, the day they were registered.She also found that a very high number of the women's accounts were created from the same IP address suggesting there were many fake accounts.DATA BREACH ALERT: Rosen Law Firm Initiates Ashley Madison and Avid Dating Life, Inc. The Company further attracted users by advertising and marketing a “Full Delete” service which promised to completely eliminate user profiles and all associated data for a fee. toll free at 866-767-3653 or via e-mail at [email protected] [email protected] Data Breach and Consumer Fraud Class Action Investigation New York, N. It has been reported in the media that the Full Delete service did not eliminate all traces of the user, and in fact, the third party hacker was able to obtain personal information about users who had purchased the Full Delete service.

In a subsequent article the following week Newitz acknowledged that she had "misunderstood the evidence" in her previous article, and that her conclusion that there were few females active on the site had actually been based on data recording "bot" activities in contacting members.

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