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Psychologies, a UK-based lifestyle magazine, once asked its readers to describe what makes a house a home.The responses, they note, were "more about the emotional connection and s…Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have a an adorable daughter together, named Luna Simone, and she's a social media star, and for good reason: She's a precious and hilarious kid."We would walk into Princeton High School and realize that not only were …You might remember when Marley Dias first made headlines in 2016, after she launched the #1000Black Girl Books campaign to celebrate diverse kidlit that wasn't all about "white boys and dogs." Now 13 years old, Dias has published a book of her own, Mar…When I told my parents last year that I was getting my eyebrows microbladed, they barely reacted. And then they s…"Be confident." "Chart your own course." "You do you." At this point, these messages are ubiquitous.And that's not a bad thing — after all, no one misses the overt pressure to conform.If I’m being honest with myself, I’m sure I could find no less than a few hundred …Sunscreen is both your friend and not your friend at the same time. Sure, it protects your skin, but if you're taking flash photos, it's a recipe for flashback disaster.Now, however, glitter sunscreen exists, and it's a win…If you grew up in the states and played with dolls at almost any point during the last three decades, then there's a pretty good chance you've at least heard of American Girl.The site released a photo of M…I’m a Snow White, at least I am according to my zodiac sign.

Then there's the accessories — the veil, the shoes, and the jewelry…New Girl's seventh and final season debuts on April 10, and though the last batch of episodes will only air over eight weeks, don't worry — there's plenty to be excited for.

The couple are expecting their second child this summer, and this video of…The communication and technology woes of Mercury retrograde will mercifully come to an end April 15, 2018.