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Currently only Alto saxophones are available, Tenor and Soprano (curved) models have been developed and announced.The Grafton saxophone was an Alto saxophone with a plastic body, available between 1950 and approx.The mechanic consists of smaller plastic parts which are mounted on hexagonal aluminium rods.The only bigger metal part is a brass tube at the end of the neck, which accepts the mouth piece with a rubberized foam coating instead of traditional cork.Tonal qualities are subjective, but a direct comparison of the Vibratosax's tonal qualities to that of a brass saxophone could be made by having the same player play both instruments.The most effective comparison would be made if the performer played the same song, using the same dynamics and phrasing in both performances.

In the video, Cheek first performed a song on the Vibratosax A1S alto saxophone, and then performed the same song on the Yanagisawa A901 alto saxophone, a traditional brass saxophone.

Our range of A1 level courses within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages provides basic knowledge of German.