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These ridges and plateaus are important barriers to travel, and one of the reasons why this area provides good retreats.Make sure you know the lay of the land in the area you choose because you often have to go NE or SW a fair distance before being able to cut through a ridge to go West.The primary one is I-40, which crosses the plateau to Crossville and I-75 going north to Lexinton, Kentucky and both branch off at Knoxville.The valleys between the ridges and plateaus are all fertile, with a river, but not as safe as the mountains or plateaus themselves.In the meantime, everyone can learn something from the analytical process we go through each week in discussing each new area.This week I’m focusing on Eastern Tennessee and the Cumberland Plateau as one of the best retreat sites in the SE United States—for people in the East that work in high density urban areas and need a place within a reasonable distance to retreat to.Before I cover the area of focus this week, let me remind the SHTFplan readers of the purpose of these weekly briefings.They are not designed to promote ‘this weeks’ locale as perfect for everyone, as no area is perfectly safe or meant for everyone.